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October 12, 2020

Love Captured is coming back to Tampa October 23rd – 29th

Are you available for coffee or a cocktail while I am in town? 

Everything I have embodied in this business in the past 7 years has been based in family, community and word of mouth. I would love to continue to expand my relationships in Tampa and am wondering if you would be free to spend time together while I am in town.  

Tampa has filled my heart and I am so incredibly grateful for all the surprises and relationships being developed with each of you.  Our photo shoots have expanded and challenged me so much.  I didn’t realize how easy I had it in sunny San Diego.  If it as much as sprinkles we don’t even know what to do with ourselves, everyone forgets how to drive, how to dress, and a photo shoot would be out of the question.  So thank you for being courageous Floridians and pushing me along with you.  I am so happy with the images we created together and the legacy that will forever be captured and released!  I am so very grateful for your support. It is fantastic to be able to grow my business as well as invest time in my relationship with Nathan.  

So many wonderful things have happened in my few trips out there and would love to share this one with you.  Nathan took me to Vinoy Park and I was sitting along a wall looking out at the ocean.  Nathan said “I see dolphins here often keep a lookout”  I heard God say to me “He is coming for you” I took out my phone and was not sure what was going to happen but knew it was going to be exciting!  A dolphin came right up to me at the wall and sprayed my feet!  Nathan and I laughed with Joy and it was such a gift! 

I am excited for this next trip, the people I will meet, and fun experiences we will have!  I would love to schedule a coffee or cocktail date with anyone who is free! Email me back with times and dates that are good for you to meet up.  

Also if you know of anyone who would love to create stunning images and have fun doing it please make an introduction and I would love to talk with them! I will be offering half sessions the afternoon of the 25th at the River Walk in front of the Children’s museum from 4pm-6pm.  Sign up is below.

Lots of Love,


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